Saturday, November 20, 2010

An Attitude of Gratitude

In 1863, President Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday in November as a national day of Thanksgiving.  

As an immigrant to this wonderful country, Thanksgiving was one of the honored traditions I was more than happy to adopt.  For one thing, there was all the food, and I love food.  But deeper than that, there was the acknowledgement of all the blessings I had been fortunate enough to receive.  Our extended family would share our Thanksgiving meal together, a peaceful and wonderful time before the frenzy of the holidays began.  
My cousin Rachel wrote a blog this past week titled Giving Thanks.  As I read the list of blessings that Rachel is thankful for, I began to count the blessings bestowed on me through grace alone, not because I have been deserving of them.  I say this because a couple of months ago I realized that I acknowledged my blessings with no more than a perfunctory thanks, while I focussed all my thoughts on what I didn't have.  Every time I thought about everything I believed was lacking in my life, I would think, "How much longer am I supposed to wait?"  Little did I realize that rather than making things happen I was waiting for them to happen.  I began to seek out daily self-motivational quotes which I would post as my Facebook status to inspire myself.  

Going deep into my thoughts is not a place I like to go, because it brings up feelings and emotions that are easier not to have to deal with.  But this past week I gathered up the courage to make that journey.  Through tears and remorse I came back with a feeling that I needed to be more grateful.  Not just on or around Thanksgiving, but every day of my life.  There was a saying I read once, that goes: "Think not of what you lack as of what you have; of what you have select the best, considering how you would seek them if you had them not."  

Beginning Monday, I am going to write a daily Gratitude Journal. My initial thought was to begin my Gratitude Journal on New Years day, then I kicked my own behind with the thought that procrastination is another vice of mine that I need to shake off Every day I wake up is a day to be thankful, so why wait?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Remembering Dad

25 years ago today, my father passed away.  Although the pain diminishes with time, it comes back on days like today.  I want to share a blog that I wrote on Father's Day 2010, a day that I realized how much I missed my father.   I don't know if the rest of my family had a chance to read it back when I wrote it.

To everyone who does not have their father with them anymore, I know the pain you feel.  To others who do, give your father a hug every day if you can and tell him how much you love him.

Love you Dad.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Top 10 "Office" Moments

Picture: Courtesy
There once was a time when I looked forward to Thursdays, to watch my favorite show, "The Office".  Each one of the whole ensemble of actors brought something to the show.  There was the hot-and-cold Jim/Pam relationship that had us guessing which way it would go.  We all ultimately breathed a happy sigh of relief when they hooked up.  There was the Dwight/Angela/Andy love triangle.  There was Stanley with his health issues, Kelly's obsession with Ryan, Meredith's alcoholism, and of course Michael with his desperate need to be liked and accepted.

Let's face it.  The show "The Office" isn't what it used to be.  It seems like the show has run its course.  The show is trying too hard, even bringing in actors like Kathy Bates.  Unfortunately, that didn't help.

So, harking back to the good old days, here are my Top Ten moments from the show "The Office", some of them with clips included.

Counting down:

10.  Princess Unicorn
I wish I had found the clip I was looking for.  At the end of the episode, Dwight sells the last Princess Unicorn to Darrell.  Toby is desperate to get one for his daughter, so pays Darrell $400 for the one he just bought.  Toby then discovers that he just paid $400 for an African-American Princess Unicorn.

9.  Dwight Roasts Michael
All of the roasts were good.  Pam: "(Michael's genitalia) is so small that if it were an iPod, it would be a Shuffle"; Andy sings, "What I Hate About You"; Meredith goes into a diatribe that includes "You Are The Reason I Drink".

8.  Jan Sings "Son of a Preacher Man"
Michael has the Party Planning Committee host a baby shower for Jan.  She shows up with baby Astrid (Michael thinks the baby's name is "AsTIRD")  At some point during the baby shower, Jan bursts into song while the others are forced to sit and listen to her.

7.  Andy singing "Take A Chance On Me"
Andy sings the Abba classic to Angela, with 3 part harmony backup.  It's too bad I couldn't find a video for this one, but it was truly classic.

6.  "That's What She Said"
Immediately after Michael promises Jan that he will no longer do the "That's what she said" routine, Jim comes up with as many opportunities to break Michael down.  

5.  Jim as Dwight

4.  The Dunder Mifflin Commercial
When corporate sends a couple of guys over to shoot a DM Commercial, Michael comes up with his own.

3.  The Diwali Song 
When Kelly invites the entire office to a Diwali celebration, Michael does a parody of Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song.

2.  Jim Asks Out Pam
I couldn't find a clip, but this is a video shot of the tv while it is being played.  The look on Pam's face at the end is just awesome.

1.  The Wedding Entrance Dance
Based loosely on the youtube video that went viral and was featured on The Today Show, this is one of the truly unforgettable moments on The Office.  

I would like to hear your favorite "Office" moments.