Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Lesson In Forgiveness

If you read my less-than-frequent blog, you may know that I have been on a journey to find true happiness. It has been a great journey of self-discovery.  I have realized what I have needed to do, not all of which has been easy.  There was one thing though, to which I really never gave much thought.  Hurt.  Pain.  Pain and hurt that had been caused by people who were close to me.  It was easier to dismiss the pain and hurt, pretend it never happened.  Pretend it didn't affect me. So much easier to pretend.  

It's funny how life steers you to face and deal with your demons.

This past week, I heard a story on the news about Jennifer Hopper.  I didn't pay much attention to the story. The story was also referenced in social media over the week.  Again, I didn't really think about it.  I knew who Jennifer Hopper was.  Sort of.  Three years ago she had written a piece that was picked up by The Stranger.  Even back then, I didn't pay much attention to her or her story.  

Then on Friday, a former DJ in Seattle who hosts a podcast invited Jennifer Hopper to be his guest.  He posted the podcast on Facebook.  It was titled: "More Forgiveness Than 100 Easter Services".  I was curious.  I clicked on the podcast.  

To say that what I heard was life-changing would be an understatement.  

Instead of telling you more about it, I will just let you listen to it if you are so inclined.  But before you do so, I think you may want to read Jennifer's story.  Again, I'll let you read it instead of me telling you anything about it.  I just want to warn you that all of this can be quite intense.  The podcast is also an hour long, but it is so worth the listen.  

If you continue to read and listen, I think it's because of where you are in your life and this is the story you need to hear right now.  It might move you to begin your journey to forgive the pain and hurt you are hanging on to.  

I wish you peace and love.